Godox S2 Bracket – Bowens Mount Review

The Godox S2 bracket for Bowens mount is a must have if you want to expand your light modifier capabilities. It will work with almost any Speedlite and the full Godox light lineup that don’t already have Bowens mount.

The quality is excellent and it is well built. It hold a Speedlite V860 II-S perfectly and securely. I have tried to dislodge the flash once secured in the S2 and doesn’t matter how hard I shook the unit it did not budge. It mount well on the light modifier but must say that there is a little play. But once again it look like it would take a lot to break to dismount the bracket. There is a another hole for an umbrella but you’ll need another screw to hold it in place.

The S2 cost around $30 and weight 680 g. It will fit the Godox AD 400 Pro, AD 200 Pro, V1 Round Head Speedlite, and all of the Godox Speedlite line up. The website mention that it is possible to fit 2 TT 350. The S2 version is smaller than the S1 and fit a wide range of light. I highly suggest this unit if you are in the market for a Bownes mount bracket.

PerGear : https://www.pergear.com/

You can buy the S2 bracket here : https://www.amazon.ca/Godox-Speedlite-AD200Pro-Honeycomb-Reflector/dp/B07YCDKGQJ


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