We specialize in beverage, food, product and architecture productions.


Hourly Rate


Daily Rate





Our fees consist of a hourly rate of $75/hre up to a maximum of $500 per day. This includes travel to location, meeting, preparation, shooting and editing. The licensing fee is on top and depends on a few factors like the desire usage length, the intended publishing area targeted, digital or physical format, etc. We offer discounted packages if different agencies or companies share the final files. For example a architectural contract can be shared by the company, architects and interior designers. Every party would have access to the same files and pay less than if they would gone in alone.


Photography and videography of commercial buildings suited for businesses, architects, stagers, and designers, just to name a few. Contact us for pricing.


Photography for promotional needs. Business settings, products, food, and more. Contact us for pricing.


Productions for your business. Commercial videos. Contact us for pricing.