Sony a7III, ILCE-7M3, Firmware Version 3.01. What’s New??

Sony step up their game with the firmware update version 3.0. with great features like real-time Eye AF for animals and time lapse Interval Shooting function. Unfortunately a lot of users had issues with this update. I personally did not have any problems and enjoyed the new features. In any case Sony came out with a revised 3.01. a more stable version and there is no new features with the 3.01 update according the Sony website. So you can click on this link if you wish to get the new update.

Let’s have a look at the improvements from version 3.00 (04-11-2019) and 3.01

  • Adds real-time Eye AF for animals
    • It is not possible to detect human and animal eyes simultaneously
    • Eye detection may not be possible and depends on the environment, animal type, and movement of the animal
  • Allows you to operate the real-time EYE AF by half-pressing the shutter button or by pressing the AF-ON button
  • Adds the Interval Shooting function
  • Allows operation with the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT (sold separately)
  • Allows you to assign the [MENU] to a custom key
  • Allows [MENU] tab operation with the Fn button
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

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