Picktorial 4 – What’s New?

I was excited to try the Picktorial 4 since I received an email a few weeks ago letting me know it was in the making. I really enjoyed working on some images in the previous version and was impressed with the Digital Asset Management / library and the editing capabilities with some local adjustments. It was at time and still is a solid alternative to Lightroom. This is why I was looking forward to see what type of improvement I could find in Picktorial 4.

There a new pricing model offering 4 different options.

  1. It’s FREE! Well you won’t have access to all of the features…
  2. Pay $69.99 to get the full version. You’ll only get the maintenance updates.
  3. Subscribe to an annual Premium Plan for $4.99/month. You’ll get full access to version 4 maintenance updates and upgrades.
  4. Pay $9.99 monthly and cancel anytime. You’ll get the same advantage as the Premium Plan without the commitment.

I tested version 4.0.0 and 4.0.3 and made a video base on the 4.0.3 version. First let’s say that the software is fast and responsive. There will be some updates in the near future to iron out the bugs. All and all version 4.0.3 is working great and worth trying if you haven’t already.

One area that stands out right away is the work on the library. It is now possible to choose a square or regular thumbnails preview. The customization is getting better. The searching engine is refined and give you a world of possibilities to find specific images. The experience of creating folders, moving images and searching for them is up to par or above the competition.

Batch processing have been introduce for Metadata and Adjustments. It is now possible to enter a caption to hundred of photos in just a few steps. Same thing apply to adjustments made to images. They can now be copy and paste in Batch.

An Assistant Viewer Split Screen options have been added. Just split the screen when looking or editing images. It will allow you to take a close up view of your local adjustments as well as a global fit to screen preview of your image.

I would recommend Picktorial 4 to anyone looking for a fresh alternative to Lightroom or Apple Photos. Give it a try it is FREE!!

The Complete Picktorial Course Is Now Available For $30.

The Complete Picktorial Course by Manuel Martel Photography.  This $30, 3.5 hrs course will teach you the basics on how to use this great editing software to create stunning images.  You will first learn how to use every tool and understand what they do.  After, you will see how Manuel uses Picktorial to edit wildlife, landscape and lifestyle photos.   This is a great course for beginner to intermediate photographers.

Click on the box to purchase the course.

Picktorial Course

Here is a bonus video.  Manuel Martel Photography spent 18 days shooting images in Thailand for the course.  Learn a few tips and see the beauty of Bangkok and northern Thailand.