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Manny Photo Ideas: Downtown Seattle

Seattle is very scenic with it’s downtown core and the beautiful surrounding nature.  I recently spent a few days downtown Seattle and would like to share some of my favorite photography spots.  I should mention that I have been somewhat lucky with the Pacific North West spring weather as I managed to stay out of

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Manny Photo Ideas: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located inland in northern Thailand.  It’s a very touristic city that has a lot to offer from adventure tours, a National Park, culinary courses, markets, culture, and beautiful temples.  You’ll find different parks and destinations to explore within a day’s range.  Here are some of my favorite destinations for photography. Chiang Mai

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Manny Photo Ideas – Olympic National Park.

I have been very impressed with the beauty found in the Olympic National Park in Washington state, USA.  The park is very diversify with mountains, lakes, rivers, and the Pacific coast line.  You can visit it the easy way driving your vehicle from campsites to lookouts or pack your backpack and hike the step terrain for

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