Bokeh. A Great New App For Photos

I have been looking lately into all of the photo apps offered on the Apple App Store.  My goal is to find good free or decently priced software that will work with MAC Photos.  The Apple team suggested the Bokeh app on the main page.  I decided to invest the $1.39 CDN and take a deeper look at this interesting software.

First I must say that I was happy that I was able to connect it with Photos via the External Editors for Photos.  That was one of my main concern.  I wanted to keep the workflow working between the two.  This app mainly apply blurriness to your image.  I will say that the app is somewhat limited in his capability but have enough freedom to do the job.  It does it in a very simple and efficient way.  I was able to quickly create some great effect to some of my pictures.  All and all I am pleased with my investment and hope other photographers who uses mainly MAC Photos get their hand on it.


PhotoBulk. The Best Watermark Tool For Mac Photos.

One of my subscriber asked me how to watermark an image with Mac Photos.  I had to dig deep in the Google world to find a work flow that works at a decent price.  I haven’t found any free way to add a image or .png file to a picture in Mac Photos.  So you’ll have to spend a little money to make it work.  There is a free option to add a text to an image with Preview but you will need an extension if you want it to look good.

I just want to say that there is a lot of different options out there.  I was mainly looking for a extension that works with the Mac Photos workflow that I have created with the External Editors for Photos.  So far PhotoBulk is the cheapest and easiest extentions I have tried. Look at the video to learn how to set it up and watermark your images.

Here is the free way to create a watermark with Preview.  Open you image using Preview. Go to the menu located in the top left corner of your screen and follow these steps.  Go to Tools – Annotate – Text.  Then a box will appear where you can enter a text.  Write down your watermark.  You can change the font,  size,  color and move it where ever you want.  After simply Export your image.

Snapheal. A Great Extension For Mac Photos!

I have recently got the MacPhun Snapheal software for free when I entered a photo contest with Viewbug.  I quickly downloaded the software and realized that it can work as an extension for Mac Photos.  I was delighted to see that you can do a whole lot for only $7 Cdn.  This program will allow you to selectively delete things from your images, use brushes and do some basic editing.  I think that every Mac Photos user out there looking to add to their extension collection should get this software.  Watch this video to see the features.

How to create a HDR Image using Mac Photos and HDR Efex Pro 2

There is no way to create a High Dynamic Range images if you are only using the Mac Photos software. The only solution I have found is to use a third party software like the free HDR Efex Pro 2 from the Google Nik Collection with the help of the External Editor for Photos.  It is not an easy task…  This is why I created this video.  Feel free to watch if you want to learn how to import and export your pictures in order to create and unleash the power of HDR photography!

Learn how to edit a night picture with Mac Photos and the Nik Collection

I have received a request to edit a picture with the Nik Collection and MAC Photos.  I chose a night photo so I can explain how to play with the white balance and change the exposure in Photos.  Then I will go to the Nik Collection to sharpen and de noise the photo.  I will quickly touch on how to had some effect to your image using Color Effect Pro.

Here is how you can create a .JPEG image from your RAW file in MAC Photos.  Click on the RAW photo you want to convert.  Once selected go to File in the top menu and choose Export, the shortcut is shift+command+E.  Then a menu will appear asking you details on your export.  Choose these settings:  Photo Kind:  JPEG,   JPEG Quality: Maximum,  Size:  Full Size.  Then click Export and choose a desire location for the new file.  After you will need to import your new .JPEG image to MAC Photos.

Get the most out of Mac OS Photos.

I have been looking lately for a friend into the default Mac OS photo editing software.  Mainly looking how to use it and what type of extensions or plugins would project this basic editing software to the next level.  I believe that it is one of the best sharing platform between all of the Apple devices.  It is very easy to organize and share photos.  It’s editing capabilities are very limited but the interface is user friendly.  All and all I found that Photos works great but could benefit from some help from other third parties applications.

I did a little research on the Apple Store and found some very cheap options.  It look like Photos is only compatible with applications downloaded from the Apple Store.  Well there is a way around it.  You can buy External Editors for Photos for around $1.50 cdn.  This software will let you use plugins that wasn’t working with Photos.  This way you can work with the free Google Nik Colletion.

Here is a list of extensions worth looking into:

  • Google Nik Collection free
  • Filters for Photos from MacPhun LLC free
  • External Editors for Photos $1.50
  • DxO OpticsPro for Photos $13.99

Please look at this video if you want to learn the basic on how to use Mac Photos to edit a waterfall picture.

Free Google Nik Collection.

Google Nik Collection is now free.  Yep you can even get a refund if you purchased the collection in 2016.  I am very happy to see these 7 photo editing plugins available for download at no cost.  You can get your copy at this website

The collection consist of 7 softwares that can be use as plugins with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom,  Elements,  and Aperture.  Unfortunately the Mac Photos users will need to work a little harder to use these plugins with the default Mac OS photo editing software.  This video will show you how to make it work.

All and all I am sure that every Mac Photos user will be delighted to see how much more post production and editing power they can get from this great free Google Nik Collection.