Luminar 3 – Library, Editing, A Solid Lightroom Competitor!

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Luminar 3 offers the well anticipated library!  A way to sort, rate, edit, and export your photos for a one time purchase.  Forget the subscription model and take advantage of one of the best softwares on the market. 

Any Lightroom user will be able to navigate and immediately take advantage of the library.  The interface is similar and offers most of the features found in the Adobe counterpart.  Luminar 3 works with catalog, create a new one, or it works with multiple catalogs at once.  Only time will tell how big your catalogue size will grow after editing many images.  Changes made to folders will be reflected on the main folder on the hard drive. 

The library is a great environment where you can organize your images in many ways.  Use flags, ratings and color labels to manage your photos.  It is possible to choose several images to give them ratings and color labels.  The process is simple and flawless.  Another possibility is to create an album.  Group some of your favorite images or some you will work on in the future.  Send the images that don’t make the cut to the trash.  You’ll have another chance to go have a look in the trash file before you say goodbye for good.  

Editing hasn’t changed a whole lot since the last update in late 2018.  Skylum introduced the AI Sky Enhancer filter among other changes.  You can still use Luminar as a plugin.  A version without the library will open and let you work with the filters before sending the image back to the software it came from.  There will be other upgrades in performance sometime in early 2019.  Other than that, you’ll get the same solid editing platform!

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