Sony A7III – Leaving Canon for Sony!

Well it was a hard decision but I decided to migrate from Canon to Sony. I received a Sony A7III mirror less camera early fall 2018 and let me tell you that I am very pleased so far.  I am still using my full frame Canon lenses at the moment, thanks to the few adapters options available.  So I decided to write about my setup in case you are looking to do the same.

Lens adapter.  There is a few options on the market for Canon users.  I personally purchased a Sigma MC-11 EF mount converter.  It cost me around $300 Canadian for the adapter.  There is more options on the market like the Metabones around $600 Canadian or the cheaper Fotodiox converter.  In any case the Sigma version works great for me and I would recommend the investment if you are looking to buy some time with your Canon lenses. 

Batteries.  The new Sony NPFZ100 battery is very good compare to his predecessor the NPFW50.  It look like they improve the capacity quite a bit.  I personally used my camera to film an event 2 days after I got it and I did not run out of power.  I probably film about 2 hours of footage on a single battery.  I was looking to buy another battery or some third party and quickly changed my mind after looking at the price tag.  Instead I bought a dummy battery and a PowerBank from Anker.  This give me roughly the equivalent of 5 batteries for $50 Cdn!  Review my setup here.

Flash.  Godox is a well trusted affordable flash company.  They produce speedlite for a wide range of camera body including the Sony lineup.  The V860 II-S is one of their most powerful option and only cost $225 cdn.  The V means that the flash comes with a powerful Li-ion rechargeable battery.  The S means it’s for Sony camera and yes it will work with the A7III.  Read about the V860 II-S here.

Monitor. I use the well price 4K Feelworld F6 monitor.  I have been very impressed with how light, bright and well built is the unit.  The best part is you wont break the bank as the monitor is just $250 cdn.  It is pack with features like the Zebra, focus assist and guide lines.  Feelworld my first impression.

Cage.  I went ahead and purchased a SmallRig cage for my A7III.  I will be filming quite a bit with it and wanted to have a comfortable setup.  I really like the built and how I can handle the camera and all of it’s accessories.  More details about the rig here.

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