Skylum Black Friday Sale!! Luminar, Aurora HDR, Photolemur.

It is the time of the year where you can get some amazing deals on photography gear and editing software.  Skylum is a great editing software company who produced Luminar, Aurora HDR and Photolemur.  Click on the banner if you are interested to take advantage of the great deals.

Luminar 3 is coming and there will be a free update for their brand new library sometime in December.  I personally use Luminar as a plugin with Lightroom CC Classic.  The feature and filters make my images pop so much.  I highly suggest that you take a look at this video on the new Sky Enhancer AI Filter.

Luminar Black Friday - 728x90

Aurora HDR have been my editor of choice for all of my HDR images.  The software is pack with filters and you do the minor adjustments or go the long run and tailor your photo straight in the application.

Aurora Black Friday - 728x90

Photolemur 3 is a great one click AI wonder for those who want to spend less time editing and more time shooting.  It works as a plugin for most software or as a stand alone app.  Great little investment!

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