Godox V860 II-S. 5 Compatibility tips for the A7III

The Godox V860 II-S flash is compatible with the Sony A7III mirroless camera.  There is some minor issues that I have found and so far I was able to work my way around.

1 – Compatibility with the A7III
2 – Shutter Speed
3 – Flash menu compatibility
4 – AF assist beam
5 – Issue with live view display brightness

  1. The flash is compatible with the A7III for the most part.  This will lead to the next few points…
  2. The shutter speed is limited to 1/250 sec. when the flash is power on.  To change that you’ll need to use the high shutter speed mode on the flash.  Then you’ll be able to reach 1/8000 sec.
  3. The options in the Flash Menu on the A7III are working for the most part.  Two of the flash mode options are greyed out.  Other than that the flash exposure compensation seems to work on the camera and the flash independently.  Meaning that you can setup the camera at +2 stops or the flash at +2 stops.  Then you’ll have +2 more stops of light for your image.  Now if you choose +2 in the camera and the flash it seems to add the two and create a +4 stops of light.  So it look like you can add the two…
  4. The AF assist beam feature on the Godox V860 II-S is not compatible on the A7III…  The feature is suppose to fire a quick pre-blast of light to help to camera focus in low light situation.  I haven’t seen any pre-flash in my test…
  5. One major issue is with the live view display when the flash is power on.  The A7III have an option to have the Setting Effect On or Off.  When On the live view will show you the changes made with the settings on the screen, changing the brightness of the scene.  When Off, the brightness stays the same and there is no changes to the live view when changing settings.  The problem occurs when the Setting Effect is On and the flash is power on.  The setting is then switch to Off and there is no way to see the changes made to the exposure, which quickly become a problem when using the flash as a fill flash.  The solution is to go to Custom Key and set Shot. Result Preview to one of your button.  This feature brings back the Setting Effect On when activated.  That way you can now see the changes made to the exposure of your scene with your flash turn On!

So far those are the issues that I have found.  I hope that there will be a firmware update for the Godox flash at some point soon.  It seems that the Sony A7III firmware 2.0 did not fix any of those issues…  I will add to the list if I find more issues.

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