Luminar 2018 AI Sky Enhancer – Quick Look And Review

I was very curious about the new AI sky enhancer filter in the updated version of Luminar 2018.  Most of my time editing landscape and lifestyle photos is spent making sure the sky looks great.  Could the new filter can save me some time?  Well I tested it and in most case it can save me some time but it is not perfect yet.

The filter works best with clouds and blue sky or a well overcast sky.  The results on sunset and sunrise images is decent but could be a little more vibrant and less dark.  The algorithm for the blue hour need some work.  By the look of things the filter darken and add saturation to the blue, orange, yellow and red cast, add some contrast and play with the highlight of the clouds.  There is a gradient or mask that is well apply to the sky portion of the image.   I will say this filter is a good starting point and combine with the other filters will create some fantastic images.

These are the best type of images to use with the filter.

The filter did not perform all that well with these images.

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