Picktorial 3. A new and fresh editing software.

Editing photos is an art form that requires skill and complicated software, right? Well you might want to rethink this idea. There is a new player in town and it’s name is Picktorial 3.

This new RAW editing software brings a fresh look to post processing in a very saturated market.  Picktorial 3 has lots of advanced features that are easy to use so no one will have any excuses not to use them.  Features like luminosity mask and colour mask are two examples of complicated techniques that until now has been reserved for advanced processing skills.  This software works as a stand alone product but also works in all of it’s glory in MAC Photos.  Let’s dig a little deeper into some of the details.

One great aspect of Picktorial is that it is a fast working software.  You can see the result of any changes without delays.  It is slick looking and there is no need to navigate between windows or search for tools as it is all-in-one nice and clean looking, single-space window.  It is very easy to import folders or photos when used as a stand alone application and also works seamlessly with MAC Photos.

There is a lot of great editing features from basic exposure to brushes and overlays.  Some features have a lot of depth that separate them from the competition.  Let’s start by talking about the crop & rotate tool.  There is an option to choose certain size ratios including Facebook cover and feed.  This alone will please a lot of people for sure.  Then there are features like the Sharpen tool that can be used with a brush or on the overall image.  It offers incredible flexibility and control over the look of every detail in the photo. Another great option is the Smooth tool.  It can be used in editing photos from a photo shoot with models for example, and you can smooth anybody’s face like a pro in 2 minutes.

Don’t think for two seconds that you’ll get bored with this app.  The deeper you look, more function you’ll find.  There is a whole world of blending modes you can use.  The standard blending menu is present, but what makes Picktorial that much better is the option to work with very easy-to-use Luminosity and Color Masks.  I haven’t used a more slick looking Luminosity Mask feature yet, and I will say that I primarily use Luminosity Mask over HDR 90% of the time.  Until finding Picktorial, I was creating my own masks and used panels in Photoshop, but I was only able to that after many hours of watching tutorials…  Now there is no more need to spend lots of time or money learning these techniques because the people at Picktorial just delivered the first friendly user Luminosity Mask slider.  The Colour Mask is equally impressive.  It is very easy to make adjustments to an area that has a certain color cast and preserve the rest of the image.  This will help a lot of people who shoot with different color tones like sunsets or interior shoots with a blue and orange light.

Picktorial won’t let you down when it comes to finishing and exporting the images.  There is a very interesting selection of vignettes and borders to choose from and no need to find another app for adding your watermark.  After the final touches, you just have to choose if you want to send it back to your MAC Photos, save it on your computer or sending it online to Facebook, Flickr or any of the other options available.

Here it is, a fun and easy way to edit photos at a very interesting price tag.  Take look at the Picktorial website.  I firmly believe that Picktorial is a great addition for anyone using MAC Photos and any body looking to have an all-in-one retouching software for MAC.


2 Replies to “Picktorial 3. A new and fresh editing software.”

  1. This has got to be one of the best articles I have read and listened to for Picktorial. I have been using Picktorial for quite some time now and it has become my go to image processor. i have written several articles on my own blog about the software and will republish your blog there as well.

    Your video presentations on how you work with the program are excellent and very informative and for the most part no one else has taken the time to really do that like you have. Excellent work. Impressive.

    I have been testing (paid for) software such as On1 Photo Raw, Affinity, Luminar, for my Fuji X files and nothing, nothing has come close to the level of capability for those files like Picktorial 3.0.


    1. Thanks Elliot. I also worked with many other software and Luminosity panels in PS. I really like the depth of the tools in Picktorial so I tried to create some well deserved tutorials. I hope that I will inspire some photographer to give it a try.


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