Luminar Neptune. The new version is now available!

Luminar Neptune 300x600

Luminar Neptune is Live!  This new version offer great features including a Accent AI filter, Macphun plug-in integration, new work space and more.

I had the chance to get my hand on a early version and did not waste time to try the look of Neptune.  First I would like to say that this version is performing well.  The improvement memory management really shows on my new MacBook Pro.  Then I was very curious about the AI filter, would it really works??  I made several tests on landscape, wildlife and portrait images.  Luminar was able to determine the lightening and type of images to edit improving the photos in a very natural and smooth way.  Definitely a quick and easy way to start editing an image.  The vignette and crop tool have changed offering more options.  I really enjoy the preset crop ratio for Facebook.

This version of Luminar include a quick plug-in link for the Creative Macphun Kit and Aurora HDR 2017.  It is now possible to seamlessly send images between Macphun products.  Keep in mind that Macphun have promotions where you can get your hands on some of their software at a huge discount.  I usually post any special offers on my journal and my Facebook page.

I would recommend Luminar to anyone looking for a versatile and easy to use all in one photo editor.  For our windows friends, Macphun is now available to PC users!  Take a look at this quick review video.

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