Looking for last minute shopping ideas?

Here is a few ideas for last minute Christmas shopping.

Get Luminar, the brand new Macphun editing software for MAC.  Luminar is the new simple but yet very powerful editing software.  Imagine a blend of MAC Photos, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for only 69.99 CDN$. (from the app store)

Aurora HDR 2017 for MAC.  A new version of this complete HDR software is available for 119.99 CDN$.  There is good improvement versus the older version and you no longer have to choose between the normal and pro version.  Aurora is the best HDR software in my opinion because it will let you take over so much controls in the creation process.

Pulse by Alpine Labs.  Pulse is a remote trigger for your DSLR or mirror less camera.  It plug straight to the camera and allow you to wirelessly control your camera from your smartphone.  You can take control over the settings of your camera to create time-lapse,  HDR,  long exposure,  video or simply take a single photo.  Price tag of $100.

Gnarbox.  The Gnarbox is waterproof, shockproof, dustpoof and ready for your adventure.  Connect your smartphone via wifi to look,  edit or share pictures.  It hold up to 128 GB of full resolution footage and have a battery that last 4-6 hours.  Just have to connect your camera or insert your card to transfer files to the box. Pre order for $299.

Genie Mini by Syrp.  The Genie mini is an extremely easy-to-use device to create smooth panning motion time-lapse or real-time video.  This motion control device connect to your smart phone giving you all the tools for easy control.  It is compatible with a huge range of cameras and works with GoPro, mirror-less camera or DSLR.  This compact unit is for sale for USD $250.

Capture Pro Clip by Peak Design.  The Capture Pro Clip is a pro-quality camera carrying clip. Rigidly carry any camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag.  It can also be use as a tripod head itself.  You wont break the back for this great clip as it only cost around $80.

Memory Card Case by Pelican.  This water resistant, shockproof, dustpoof little case can carry 8 SD Cards & 16 Mini SD Cards.  It is compact and allow safe and easy storage for your memory cards.  There is another model that can store 6 compact flash cards. These cases go for $30.  

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