Bokeh. A Great New App For Photos

I have been looking lately into all of the photo apps offered on the Apple App Store.  My goal is to find good free or decently priced software that will work with MAC Photos.  The Apple team suggested the Bokeh app on the main page.  I decided to invest the $1.39 CDN and take a deeper look at this interesting software.

First I must say that I was happy that I was able to connect it with Photos via the External Editors for Photos.  That was one of my main concern.  I wanted to keep the workflow working between the two.  This app mainly apply blurriness to your image.  I will say that the app is somewhat limited in his capability but have enough freedom to do the job.  It does it in a very simple and efficient way.  I was able to quickly create some great effect to some of my pictures.  All and all I am pleased with my investment and hope other photographers who uses mainly MAC Photos get their hand on it.


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