PhotoBulk. The Best Watermark Tool For Mac Photos.

One of my subscriber asked me how to watermark an image with Mac Photos.  I had to dig deep in the Google world to find a work flow that works at a decent price.  I haven’t found any free way to add a image or .png file to a picture in Mac Photos.  So you’ll have to spend a little money to make it work.  There is a free option to add a text to an image with Preview but you will need an extension if you want it to look good.

I just want to say that there is a lot of different options out there.  I was mainly looking for a extension that works with the Mac Photos workflow that I have created with the External Editors for Photos.  So far PhotoBulk is the cheapest and easiest extentions I have tried. Look at the video to learn how to set it up and watermark your images.

Here is the free way to create a watermark with Preview.  Open you image using Preview. Go to the menu located in the top left corner of your screen and follow these steps.  Go to Tools – Annotate – Text.  Then a box will appear where you can enter a text.  Write down your watermark.  You can change the font,  size,  color and move it where ever you want.  After simply Export your image.

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