Get the most out of Mac OS Photos.

I have been looking lately for a friend into the default Mac OS photo editing software.  Mainly looking how to use it and what type of extensions or plugins would project this basic editing software to the next level.  I believe that it is one of the best sharing platform between all of the Apple devices.  It is very easy to organize and share photos.  It’s editing capabilities are very limited but the interface is user friendly.  All and all I found that Photos works great but could benefit from some help from other third parties applications.

I did a little research on the Apple Store and found some very cheap options.  It look like Photos is only compatible with applications downloaded from the Apple Store.  Well there is a way around it.  You can buy External Editors for Photos for around $1.50 cdn.  This software will let you use plugins that wasn’t working with Photos.  This way you can work with the free Google Nik Colletion.

Here is a list of extensions worth looking into:

  • Google Nik Collection free
  • Filters for Photos from MacPhun LLC free
  • External Editors for Photos $1.50
  • DxO OpticsPro for Photos $13.99

Please look at this video if you want to learn the basic on how to use Mac Photos to edit a waterfall picture.

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